Mike Caruso

Mike Caruso

Mike Caruso learned from a young age that in order to succeed, he needed to roll up his sleeves and work hard until the job was done. As a child, Mike sold flowers, painted houses, and mowed lawns to earn money. He kept his entrepreneurial spirit alive and worked his way through college at George Washington University, where he earned a degree in Business Administration, specializing in accounting.

After years of experience as a CPA in accounting firms such as KPMG and Grant Thornton International, Mike opened his own CPA firm, Caruso & Caruso, in Palm Beach County. Over the next three decades, Mike has used his skills to benefit the community, serving on many appointed community organization boards, and serving as an expert witness in many local and national court cases as a forensic accountant.

Mike is a proud father of 7, a grandfather of 3, a champion barefoot water-skier, a tennis enthusiast, and enjoys spending time at the beach, with his wife Tracy and two dogs. Mike is proud to call District 89 in Palm Beach County his home where he has lived for 35 years.

Mike is deeply entrenched in the community both personally and professionally. In addition to his professional work as a CPA, he owns and manages residential and commercial properties throughout the county and is the CFO of Delray Beach Executive Suites. He wants to work with the community to make real change. He understands that lasting change can only come from increased communication and a willingness to get things done.¬†Over the past 3years Mike and his team have knocked on over 100,000 doors in District 89. Mike loves speaking to his constituents and learning their needs and issues.¬† His motto is “if you need me, call me” “561-702-9319”



The Florida House Republican Campaign Committee endorses and urges you to vote for Paul Renner, Daniel Perez, and Michael A. Caruso, Republicans, for State Representative. Paid by the Florida House Republican Campaign Committee, 1103 Hays St. Tallahassee, FL 32301. Approved by Paul Renner, Daniel Perez and Michael A. Caruso.