“Florida Majority” is a new series that dives into the unique perspectives of Florida’s Republican leaders. Episode 2 features Chairman Bobby Payne from Florida’s 19th district. Chairman Payne gets personal on why water quality and agriculture are so important to the Sunshine State, and much more!

Watch Episode 2 Here 

“We have to look at the value, the billions of dollars, for the food and produce that we produce every year,” said Chairman Payne. Florida is “producing enough food to feed the U.S. especially in the north when it’s snowing, we’re producing food in Florida. It’s the second economical driver in the state behind tourism, so it’s very important.”

Payne also discusses the approach Florida Republicans have taken to conservative governance. “We recognize that the value of education, the value school choice, the value of a great economy, the value of low taxes, less government, gives people an opportunity to come to a state where they can develop and grow a business and have success and improve their quality of life, not only for them but for their children.”

“Florida Majority” dives into the personal, political, and peculiar side of politics across Florida politics.  We will highlight Republican Legislators to give you an inside look at the important issues from around the state and the leaders who are shaping Florida’s future. Be sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to stay up to date and help us keep our strong, conservative majority by signing up at FreedomFirewall.com.