Florida House Republican Campaign Committee (FHRCC) released Episode 4 of Florida Majority, a web series that dives into the unique perspectives of Florida’s Republican leaders. Episode 4 features Representative Bob Rommel from Florida’s 106th district. Representative Rommel gets personal about what attracts people to move to Florida, legislation he passed to promote free speech on college campuses, educational freedom, and much more.


“In New York, they’re paying double the tax for a lower quality of life, so of course they look for Florida,” said Representative Rommel. “Florida is not just sunshine and beaches anymore.”

Representative Rommel is a strong advocate for educational freedom. “Parental Choice in Education, we see it around our nation where our larger cities fail year, after year, after year. We have generations of poverty because children aren’t getting the right education and a lot of people on the left say we need more money, more money, more money…We’re giving parents the choice to send their kids to the best school they think is necessary. Education is the pathway to get out of poverty. It’s the pathway to prosperity.”

Representative Rommel talks about why free speech on college campuses is so important. “On college campuses, it seemed that a particular group, conservatives, we’re being told they couldn’t speak in certain areas.” He discussed why he chose to lead on passing legislation and added, “If we can’t protect speech, it’s all over.”

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