Florida House Republican Campaign Committee (FHRCC) released Episode 5 of Florida Majority, a web series that dives into the unique perspectives of Florida’s Republican leaders. Episode 5 features Representative Chuck Clemons from Florida’s 21st district. Representative Clemons gets personal getting personal about his efforts to Back the Blue and how his experience growing up in rural Florida is helping his community overcome challenges.


Representative Clemons discusses his work with the rural communities of Florida. “I’m a Florida boy, I grew up here, and I got to travel throughout the entire state listening to the needs of rural Florida,” said Rep. Clemons. “We want to make sure we lower barriers down and make sure the people that invested their time and effort, and sometimes heritage, can continue to do those sort of things because it is invaluable for Floridians.”

“Education is something that you can do for yourself that no one can take away from you,” said Rep. Clemons as he shared of his personal journey as a first generation college student and how he’s helping the next generation achieve their goals. “As a first generation college graduate myself, I raised money, I raised over $160 million to provide first generation students and others with scholarship money so they can invest in their education so no one can ever take that away.”

As Police Commissioner for Santa Fe College’s Police Department, Representative Clemons has a unique connection to the men and women who keep Florida safe. “Florida will open our arms and welcome those first responders, and those brave men and women who separate us from the risk.”

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